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Unlike the other European countries where the promotion of Super Sabrina stopped after 1, 2 or 3 singles (All of me, My chico and Like a yo-yo), Videogram in Italy and MegaRecords in Scandinavia thought that the album had enough potential to give more singles.
In the Scandinavian countries, especially in Finland where Sabrina had had a huge success with her 3 last singles, a new 7" was released in 1989: Sex. This song which had already been the B-side of Like a yo-yo in France and Germany was inspired by George Michael’s I want your sex (a song Sabrina would later cover for the Italian TV show La note vola, in 2001). Strangely, no 12" was issued. Was it because the single flopped or because no remix was available then? It's really hard to say. Anyway, it seems that Sabrina didn’t promote this song on Scandinavian TV.

In Italy, the promotion of the album Super Sabrina continued with the release of 12", Pirate of love and Doctor's orders (while a new single, Gringo, was released just before summer by another record company). In Italy, Sex was the last song to be released on a 12".  This song was co-written and produced by La Bionda, a group considered as the founder of Italo Disco. Sabrina performed the song regularly on television from late 1988 to early 1990, in its album version or in one of its remixes. Indeed, a (beautiful) picture-disc featuring 3 remixes produced by Albert One and Tumi was released. Surprisingly, an edit version of the "Hot French Remix" performed on television wasn’t available on the picture-disc. But the fact that no 7" was edited limited the impact of the song on the Italian audience. However, a music video (using the Hot French Remid Edit) was made and showed live performances from the concerts in Moscow and her televised appearances at Odiens. But it wasn’t often broadcasted on TV.
A few months later, another (excellent) rockier remix was produced by Nico Di Palo and Albert One. Sabrina sang it a few times on TV when the song was not yet available on any record. The Italian fans would have to wait till the release of the album Super Remix during the summer of 1990 to see it available in Italy. Sabrina also sang it once on Spanish television (alongside with another unique rock version of Gringo), a country where this remix was never published. The promotion of this remix was thus really weird!

However, Sabrina always seemed to appreciate her song Sex as she re-recorded it for her "best of" album Erase / Rewind


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