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    Song Album Year
A   Afraid to love Over the pop 1991
    Alice rivivra' Maschio dove sei 1995
    All of me Super Sabrina 1988
    Angel boy Non-album single 1995
B   Born to be alive Erase Rewind 2008
    Boys Sabrina 1987
    Boys 95 Non-album single 1995
    Brand new day Erase Rewind 2008
C   Call me Non-album single 2010
    Cocco di mamma (TV show) Unreleased 1998
    Colour me Non-album single 2014
    Cover model Non-album single 1992
    Cuore Maschio dove sei 1995
D   Da ya think I'm sexy ?  Sabrina 1987
    Deep water Erase Rewind 2008
    Diamond in the sand A flower's broken 1999
    Dirty boy look Over the pop 1991
    Doctor's orders Super Sabrina 1988
    Domination Over the pop 1991
    Don't want to be falling in love Erase Rewind 2008
E   E penso a te Emozioni 2002
    Erase rewind Erase Rewind 2008
F   Fatta e rifatta Maschio dove sei 1995
    Flowers broken A flower's broken 1999
    Funky girl Super Sabrina 1988
G   Get ready Sabrina 1987
    Gioco perverso Maschio dove sei 1995
    Goodbye baby Erase Rewind 2008
    Gringo Non-album single 1989
    Guys & dolls Super Sabrina 1988
H   Hot girl Sabrina 1987
I   I feel love Non-album single 2005
    I love you A flower's broken 1999
    I want you A flower's broken 1999
J   Jimmy A flower's broken 1999
K   Kiss Sabrina 1987
    Kiss me Sabrina 1987
L   La canzone del sole Emozioni 2002
    La collina dei ciliegi Emozioni 2002
    La porta e' sempre la' Maschio dove sei 1995
    Lady Marmalade Sabrina 1987
    Like a yo-yo Super Sabrina 1988
    Love dream Over the pop 1991
    Love is all there is A flower's broken 1999
    Love is like magic Over the pop 1991
M   Mama said Erase Rewind 2008
    Maschio dove sei Maschio dove sei 1995
    Maybe your love Erase Rewind 2008
    Medley Mylène Farmer Unreleased 2013
    Messico Maschio dove sei 1995
    My chico Super Sabrina 1988
    My Sharona Sabrina 1987
N   Never too late A flower's broken 1999
    No matter what you say Erase Rewind 2008
    Non va Maschio dove sei 1995
    Now is the time Erase Rewind 2008
    Numeri Maschio.../ Numeri 1997
O   Ouragan Non-album single 2015
P   Palpito d'amore Maschio dove sei 1995
    Per te Armenia Non-album single 1989
    Pirate of love Super Sabrina 1988
    Promises in the dark Over the pop 1991
R   Rockawillie Non-album single 1994
    Russian lover A flower's broken 1999
S   Sex Super Sabrina 1988
    Sexy girl Sabrina 1987
    Shadows of the night Over the pop 1991
    Shallala A flower's broken 1999
    Shooting the red light Erase Rewind 2008
    Shopping (I like to) Praxis make perfect (by Neon Neon) 2013
    Siamo donne Over the pop 1991
    Skin on skin Erase Rewind 2008
    Stay awhile Erase Rewind 2008
T   Tango italiano Maschio dove sei 1995
    This Christmas night Non-album single 2012
U   Uragano (Io mi muovero') Unreleased 1985
V   Vola Over the pop 1991
W   With a boy like you Over the pop 1991
Y   Yeah Yeah Over the pop 1990
    Yes Erase Rewind 2008
    Yesterday once more Over the pop 1991
    You and me Non-album single 2003
    You can get it if you really want Over the pop 1991
    You lie to me Erase Rewind 2008
    You oughta know A flower's broken 1999
    Yo-yo boy Unreleased 2006