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Sabrina's videography consists of 18 music videos.
They're easy to find on Youtube, each video being available on differents channels.
The following figures represent, for each video, the views reached by the most successful channel (early 2015).

Boys (1987): more than 48 millions views!
It's probably the most famous music video of the late 80s by a non-American/English singer.

Call me (2010): more than 3,3 millions views

All of me (2nd version, 1988): more than 3,3 millions views
All of me (1rst version, 1988): more than 2,3 millions views

Erase Rewind (2008): more than 720 000 views

Like a yo-yo (1989): more 664 000 views

Sexy girl (1986): more than 542 000 views

My chico (1988): more than 273 000 views

Sometimes, the music videos are less successful than the TV performances.
Indeed, the video for Hot girl didn't reach the 260 000 views while the famous performance at the New Eve Show on Spanish TV surpassed 1,5 million views.
As for Siamo donne, if the clip only reached 16 000 views, the performances at the San Remo Festival surpassed 196 000 views.
The same for Yeah Yeah: The video reached 16 000 views while the performance on French TV (Sabrina walking in/on a boat) surpassed 357 000 views.

Sexy girl (1986)


Boys (1987)


Hot girl (1987)


All of me (1988)

(European version)

(Uk version)


My chico (1988)


Like a yo-yo (1989)


Sex (1989)


Gringo (1989)


Yeah Yeah (1990)


Siamo donne (1991)


With a boy like you (1991)


Dirty boy look (1991)


Bye bye baby (1995 ?)

Song which was planned to be a single in 1994-95.


I love you (1999)


Erase Rewind (2008)


Call me (2010)


Colour me (2014)