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Bikini test!

This picture, posted (again) on Sabrina Facebook page on April 22th became viral... La Repubblica en Italie, some Spanish magazines (and sites) published it! Beauty Queen!

Stars 80 2, the movie

Sabrina spent the Spring of 2016 shooting the follow-up of the movie Stars 80.

Sabrina in Eva Tremilla (March 23th, 2016).

4-page interview!


Sabrina interviewed at Verissimo (February 6th, 2016).

Sabrina on the cover of the Italian magazine Secret (February 2016).

Nice cover!

Sabrina guest at Danse avec les stars (TF1) on November 6.

She performed Boys as the opening song of the show.

The French tour Stars 80 will start again on October 22.

... with Sabrina of course!

Sabrina will perform at the Miami Disco Club (Italy) on October 10.

Sabrina at the Festivalul Castanelor
- Discoteca 80-90 in Baia Mare (Romania) on September 25.

Special Raimondo Vianello e Sandra Mondaini, on Rete 4. September 19.

Interview with Sabrina about her experience in the Sandra e Raimondo show in 1987.

Sabrina's discography on I-tunes and Amazon

Sabrina's discography is now available for download.

Sabrina's back on Spanish TV on September 17.

Sabrina as a guest on Gran Hermano (Big Brother) 16 on Tele 5.

Stars 80, the 2nd movie. (15/09/15)

Sabrina will play in the follow-up to Stars 80. The story will take place on French ski slopes!

Stars 80, the movie on French TV on September 13.

Watch TF1 at 20.50!

Say I'm your number one: Stock Aitken and Waterman The Singles box (08/09)

Great re-issue for Sabrina and Stock Atiken & Waterman's fans!
The "All of me" maxi cd will feature 6 versions of the track, some of them being available on CD for the first time!
Release date: November 6.



Sabrina's Ouragan on I-tunes and Amazon ! (07/07/2015)

Sabrina had already covered Ouragan, Princess Stéphanie's smash-hit, for the French tour Stars 80.
The studio version is now available on I-tunes and Amazon!!


Sabrina's performance at The 80's Charity show (18/07/2015) is cancelled

Sabrina wasn't able to perform in Munich with Samantha Fox, Sandra, Kim Wilde "due to unsolvable technical and logistical problems". Sad for the German fans...

Source : Sabrina's official Facebook page

Sabrina and Samantha Fox sang in Ibiza (12/07/2015)

Sabrina and Samantha were on stage in Ibiza on Saturday 12th. Thanks Oscar for the video!

Source : Sabrina's official Facebook page


Sabrina in France!
Stars 80, L'origine (09/05/2015)

7 years after their first concert at the (huge) Stade de France in Paris, they're back!

Sabrina in Switzerlzand!
Echoooes 80' & 90' Festival (27/02/15)

Sabrina performed at this new festival (Martigny, Switzerland).

Source : Sabrina's official Facebook page