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The BASF video tape featuring "Uragano" (1985)

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The combination (1984)

This is probably the first song recorded by Sabrina who was then trying to make her way in the Italian show-business. The song sounds a bit like a cover version but it could be an original song in English. No wonder that it wasn't released as Sabrina's voice is quite faltering and the production is really cheap. Nevertheless, the song and its Caribbean style remain quite entertaining: "I like sunshine in summer… I want, I need, I wish for summer…"
Sabrina performed the song when she auditioned for Mediaset in 1984. She sang it topless (!) backed up by 2 male dancers. This (funny) performance was broadcast several times on Italian TV in the 90s. And Sabrina felt quite embarrassed when the video was shown during the TV programm Matricole (24/03/1998) where she was a guest...

Some months later, on March 15th, 1985, Sabrina performed the song on TV Libera, a local TV, and announced her projects for the coming months (Summer tour...).


Uragano [Io mi muovero'] (1985)

Written by Aracri and Ulivi, this song in Italian is actually quite good and Sabrina's voice is much better than on The combination recorded a few months before. She actually sings quite loud. Produced by Menzione (Managint), the song was planned for the Festivalbar as a letter sent by Managint to Pippo Abba proved it (02/04/1985). This letter and the BASF tape featuring the song was sold on Ebay in 2013 for 150€. Some weeks later, a few cdr featuring the song in two versions (Edit and Final Mix) were "released"...


Medley Madonna (1987)

During a concert in Bilbao in 1987, Sabrina sang a medley of her then favorite female singer, featuring Material girl, Dress you up, and probably some more (the full video is impossible to find nowadays). As the rest of the show, the medley was performed in playback. A studio version of this medley thus exists somewhere.


Cover versions recorded for the TV show Ricomencio da due (1990)

In 1990, Sabrina joined Raffaella Carrà and Scialpi to co-host this TV show. It allowed her to cover several International or Italian classic songs like: Rumore, Pregherei, Non gioco piu, Folle banderuola, Tuca Tuca, Nuda, La banda, Le mille bolle blu, Amor mio, Il cielo in una stanza, 10 ragazzi per me, Medley Mina (E' l'uomo per me – Renato – Una zebra a pois – Tintarella di luna)
Several of those songs were sung with Raffaella and/or Scialpi like the Medleys Grease or Fantasia Rock.


Medleys recorded for the TV show Cocco di Mamma (1998)

In 1998, Sabrina was back on a TV set as hostess –singer-dancer for the Carlo Conti's show Cocco di mama which was broadcast on Rai Uno every Thursday evening from July 9th till September 24th.

She sang the theme of the show:

And, every week, Sabrina was accompanied with dancers and performed a medley of Italian (Rumore, Che sara, L'isola di Wight…) or international current or old hits (1,2,3 Maria, Barbie Girl, Wanabe, She loves you, I will survive, You're the one that I want, Reach out I'll be there, Venus, Gloria, Born to be alive, Don't let me be misunderstood, Like a virgin…). These musical numbers were little interesting but allowed the fans to wait until the release of her new album.


Medleys recorded for La Notte vola (2001)

On August 11, 2001, Sabrina sang Billie Jean in a medley dedicated to Michael Jackson. Two weeks later, she performed I want your sex in a medley dedicated to one of her all times favourite singer: George Michael.


You and me (2002)

This song was supposed to be Sabrina's comeback single in 2002/2003. You and me (take the blame) turned out to be a mid-tempo track sung with a male artist, RMN. Rory Mhor Nicoll aka RMN or Revolutions Move Nervously, a DJ native of Ceuta, had already worked with Adeva or Edwin Starr (it seems that he gave up Dance music for Hip-hop since then). According to the NME website, the author of the song could be RMN himself.
More than a featuring, the song was actually a duet as each voice was as present as the other. You and me was very surprising at first listen as it was completely different from everything Sabrina had recorded till then. The atmosphere was quite special and gave a very experimental dimension to the song. If the track is quite interesting, it obviously lacked a real commercial potential to be released as a single. It's therefore not surprising that Sabrina did not find a label to publish it as it was therefore quite repetitive and a bit too long (5:16).
However, a promo 12" was released. Only a very small number of copies were probably published as the record is nowadays impossible to find. But its picture is available in the section "discography" on Sabrina's website.

Visit the page dedicated to this release: here.


Yo-Yo boy (2006)

In November 2006, Enrico Monti launched his website dedicated to a men's ready-to-wear collection. This site used background music: a new track by Sabrina, Yo-yo boy. The (strange) song was supposed to feature in a bossa nova album which was finally abandoned. It remains unreleased but leaked on the internet in late 2006.
The song was actually written by DJ Robert Passera who released his own album in 2011, Gringo (!!) on the rocks which featured a version of Yo-yo boy by Jackie Perkins in 2 versions. The Bossa Mix was quite similar to Sabrina's version.

Medley Pourvu qu'elles soient douces / Sans contrefaçon
/ Désenchantée (2013)

In November 2013, Sabrina decided to record a medley of those 3 songs by France's most successful female singer: Mylène Farmer. It's funny to note that Sabrina (who was then number 1 with Boys) prevented Mylène from topping the French charts in 1988 with Sans contrefaçon. But, a few months later, Pourvu qu'elles soient douces became Mylène's first number 1... After several hits, Mylène was number 1 again with Désenchantée in 1991(her biggest hit to date), a song which charted in Germany etc. and became a huge international hit in 2002 when Kate Ryan released her version.

Being a boy, Sodomy and Disenchantment: 3 new topics for Sabrina... But it seems that she enjoyed this medley a lot as she wrote on her Facebook page.


Songs recorded for La Pista (2014)

In the Spring of 2014, Sabrina was hired as a coach in the first serie of Rai 1's talent competition: La Pista. The show aired on Friday evening from March 28th till April 18th.

In the first episode, she performed a new version of Born to be alive. Unfortunately, this retro '70s version was less powerfull than the 2008 mix.

In the second episode, Sabrina came back to Pop-rock, a style she always liked, and sang Zucchero's '89 hit Diavolo in me. In the 90s, she had already covered - in English - a song by this artist: Solo una sana e consapevole libidine had become No matter what you say. This song was available on the 2nd disc of the album Erase / Rewind.

In the third episode, she sang Bum Bum, a cover version of Irene Grandi's pop-rock hit single (1995).

In the fourth episode, Sabrina covered a huge hit of the 80s, Maniac, originally sung by Michael Sembello (1983). The song was used in the film Flashadance.

In the last episode, she covered Abba's Dancing queen.


Total eclipse of the heart, duet with Phil Barney (2014)

For the last tour Stars 80 l'origine, Sabrina decided to cover Bonnie Tyler's biggest hit, Total eclipse of the heart (1983). She sang it with Phil Barney, a French singer who was successful in the late 80s.