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If Sabrina recorded a lot of cover versions, her own songs also inspired some singers...

Boys (1987)

Boys being Sabrina's biggest hit, no wonder that it was covered by many artists around the world, in every style (Pop, Folk, Punk, Dance…).
Several versions are known from Finland, Serbia, Poland, Slovakia, China, Norway, Austria, Spain, Romania, France, Belgium, Japan…

More about the cover versions of Boys, here.


Hot girl (1987)

In France, the song was covered by an unknown female singer, Tanay, before the release of Sabrina's single in this country. But this version (the production of which is quite similar to Sabrina's remixed version) flopped.

More about this cover version, here.


My chico (1988)

A male singer, Chico, covered My chico in 1989. The 12" was released by Sabrina's Italian label, Videogram.

More about this cover version, here.


Yo-yo boy (2006)

In November 2006, Enrico Monti launched his website dedicated to a men's ready-to-wear collection. This site used background music: a new track by Sabrina, Yo-yo boy. The (strange) song was supposed to feature in a bossa nova album which was finally abandoned. It remains unreleased but leaked on the internet in late 2006.
The song was actually written by DJ Robert Passera who released his own album in 2011, Gringo (!!) on the rocks which featured a version of Yo-yo boy by Jackie Perkins in 2 versions. The Bossa Mix is quite similar to Sabrina's original version.