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Sabrina recorded a lot of cover versions during her career probably because she never had enough material when she had to release an album. She thus covered several classic songs from the 70s and the 80s.

The first album (1987)

This short album (9 tracks) featured 4 cover versions: Prince's Kiss (1986), Patti LaBelle's Lady Marmalade (1974), The Knack's My Sharona (1979) and Rod Stewart's Da ya think I'm sexy ? (1978) They were all produced by Davide Romani (while the 5 original songs were produced by Claudio Cecchetto). Obviously, none of them was amazing. And the number of cover version supported the impression that this album looked like a collection of fillers quickly brought together after a huge and unexpected hit (Boys).
Only Lady Marmalade was released as a single in France, in the Netherlands and in the Philippines.

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Super Sabrina (1988)

Obviously, the production on Super Sabrina was better than on her first album and it featured only 2 cover versions, Sunny's Doctor'orders (1974) and Georgia's Pirate of love (1986), a song which could be almost considered as a new song since the original version was totally unknown to the public. If Doctor's orders is not Sabrina's best recording, her version of Pirate of love is rather interesting.
We can however wonder why Sabrina didn't have more new material at her disposal, this second album featuring only 8 tracks. Indeed, Moroder or Stock Aitken and Waterman probably had a lot of songs "in stock" that Sabrina could have recorded. Moreover, no doubt that many Italian musicians were ready to collaborate with Sabrina after the success of Boys.
Both cover versions would be later released in Italy on 12".

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Over the Pop (1991)

Sabrina's third album featured 13 songs, 4 of them being cover versions: The Troggs' With a boy like you (1966), The Carpenters' Yesterday once more (1973), Jimmy Cliff's You can get it if you really want (1972) and an itaglish version of Lorella Cuccarini's La notte vola (1988) simply titled Vola.
Like the cover versions featuring on the first album, those recorded in 90-91 were not really necessary… If none of them had a single-release, a music video was shot for With a boy like you in order to promote the album.

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Maschio dove sei (1995)

First album to date to feature only one cover version. Between 92 and 94, Sabrina had recorded Kim Wilde's Stay awhile (1983) when she planned to release a pop-rock album in English. When this project was finally abandoned in favour of an album in Italian, Sabrina decided to cover the song. It became Alice rivivra' and it probably remains Sabrina's best cover version (in Italian and in English).

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A flower's broken (1999)

Sabrina's fifth album featured three cover versions in different styles: Alanis Morissette's You oughta know (1994) -which allowed Sabrina to go back to a rock style she always liked- Love is all there is which had been co-written by Anthony Smith for Dana International -strangely her album went out after Sabrina's- and Never too late, by Sabrina's debut team Rossi/Bonsanto/Cecchetto, which had been originally recorded in 1987 by Tracy Spencer. Those cover versions actually were not bad at all.

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Erase / Rewind Official Remix (2008)

This double album featured 4 cover versions.

The disc 1 featured a cover of Patrick Hernandez's Born to be alive recorded in 2004 when Sabrina planned for the first time to release a Best-of album.  She finally had the opportunity to publish it in 2008. She then started to think about the perfect lead-single. In 2004-2005, My chico had been an obvious choice but she was now convinced that she had to come back with a "new" song. She thus decided to make a dance cover version of Erase / Rewind, The Cardigans' hit from 1998. If this choice was a bit surprising, the title of this song perfectly fitted the situation in which Sabrina's career was then: back to her past, the 80s. A maxi CD featuring several remixes was later released.

The disc 2 featured No matter what you say, an English cover version of Zucchero's Solo una sana e consapevole libidine (1987) and Kim Wilde's Stay awhile.

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Call me (2010)

In 2008, after the Sopot Festival (Poland), Sabrina announced that a surprise involving Samantha Fox could happen soon. But it took a few months to know more. During the first half of 2009, they assured their respective commitments and it was not until August that the press announced that Sabrina and Samantha were going to record a duet: Call me, a cover version of Blondie's smash-hit (1980), cowritten by Giorgio Moroder who had already worked with Sabrina (Like a yo-yo, Pirate of love, Shadows of the night, Love is like magic).
Sabrina explained that she went into the studio with Andrea T. Mendoza (the arranger on the album Erase Rewind) with a list of 50 songs. Together, they began working on Call me and the demos pleased Samantha. The first arrangement was perfect and both singers recorded the song but, apparently, separately. However, they met for the shooting of the video which was directed by Mauro Lovisetto who was responsible for Sabrina's video Erase Rewind in 2008.
The video became quite successful on Youtube and the single sold quite well.

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Sabrina recorded several medleys for the TV shows Ricomencio da due (1990), Cocco di Mamma (1998), La Note Vola (2001) and La Pista (2014).
On stage, she also covered Madonna (Spain, 1987), Princess Stéphanie (French Tour Stars 80, 2012), Mylène Farmer (French Tour Stars 80, 2013) and Bonnie Tyler (French Tour Stars 80, l'origine, 2014.

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