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Funky girl

History - TV performance


During the summer of 1988, Sabrina was the Star of the Festivalbar with her hits All of me and My chico. One evening, she performed another new song, Funky girl, taken from her forthcoming second album: Super Sabrina. If Sabrina seemed to enjoy it, it was finally decided to have it re-worked for the album release.
Super Sabrina was finally available in December and Sabrina was everywhere to promote it. She sang Funky girl several times on Italian TV (at Odiens...) and during her 3 concerts in Moscow (1989) but this song was never released as a real single. Anyway, in Italy, an extended mix was issued as a double A-side 12" with Like a yo-yo. The former song was initially supposed to be the B-side of the later which had been released as a single. But Videogram probably decided to put Funky girl on the front cover after the mixed success of Like a yo-yo. In Portugal, Vidisco also released both songs on 12" but in its "logical" order, Like a yo-yo being on the front cover (but strangely on the B-side of the record).
In the 90s, a new good remix appeared on 2 mid-price compilations released in Germany, strangely titled “Manhattan Remix”.

It seems that Sabrina always liked this song as she re-recorded it for her last album Erase / Rewind which surprised and disappointed many fans who were not crazy for this song.  Many of them wished she had sung one of the forgotten singles from the album Over the pop : Yeah Yeah, Shadows of the night, or even, Siamo done.


Performance taken from the Video Tape "On stage"
(Odiens, Italy, early 1989)