featuring remixed versions of the singles:
Sexy girl
Hot girl
Lady Marmalade
and more songs from Sabrina's debut album (1987)

Release History


An Italian-only release

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Album chronology
REMIX 1996
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After a very busy year '95 - the single Angel boy, the 12" Fatta e rifatta, the single Boys 95 released in France and, especially, the Maschio dove sei album - Sabrina had a break in 1996 and released no new material. Anyway, she was often on Italian TV, promoting the songs of her album, making an appearance in Massimo Riva's video clip Fine dellafavola and co-hosting the TV game Il grande gioco del mercante in fiera at the end of the year.
The record company RTI Music which was then part of Mediaset, a group created by Berlusconi (and which seemed to own the copyrights of the songs produced by Five Record) took advantage of this renewed media presence to release a remixed version of Sabrina's debut album. The project was commissioned to a small team which partially consisted of persons who had worked on the original album. Therefore, Matteo Bonsanto who had co-written all the original songs co-signed the arrangements on this Remix 1996 album.
It was quickly decided to remix only the original songs (Sexy girl, Boys, Hot girl, Get ready, Kiss me) and not the cover versions except Lady Marmalade probably for copyright reasons, the album being planned as a mid-price release. Because of the small number of songs, it was also decided to produce a Megamix and 2 versions of each singles (Sexy girl, Boys and Hot girl) to make a 10-track album.
It seems that Sabrina wasn't involved in this project the idea of which could have been interesting. But the result was quite disappointing because of a rather poor and little inspired production.

One year later, RTI reissued the '87 album in its original version.



1. Medley (6'26)
2. Boys (4'28)
3. Hot girl (3'58)
4. Lady Marmalade (3'54)
5. Sexy girl - Undersexy (4'35)
6. Boys - Next generation (6'37)
7. Sexy girl (4'31)
8. Kiss me (4'07)
9. Get ready (3'55)
10. Hot girl - Girl club (4'14)