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Like many other Italian starlets who were working on Berluconi's TV channels, Sabrina was signed to Five Records in 1986. Her influential manager, Giampiero Menzione, commissioned Claudio Cecchetto, then one of the most productive and successful italian hit-makers, to produce Sabrina's debut single. A few weeks later, Sexy girl was released, a typical italo-dance track with a perfectly fitting title. Sexy girl, what else?

Supported by a strong label, the promotion of the single was quite successful. During that summer, Sexy girl was continually played by radio stations and the single climbed the charts. The song also reached the top 10 of the Dance Club Music Charts. To boost the growing success of the song, a video clip showing a very sexy Sabrina was shot. Sabrina also interpreted the song several times on TV, in sexy outfits (hot pants and XXL T-shirts) and became the main discovery of the Festivalbar which ended in Verona in early September (Sexy girl was used as the theme tune of this show co-hosted by Claudio Cecchetto).

If the song wasn't a major hit (it peaked at #19), its success was notable and Sabrina's team tried to launch her on the international market. The same year, the single was licensed to Scorpio Music/Hot Tracks in France but this first attempt failed for lack of promotion. In Germany, where Sexy girl was released by ZYX, the song was a bit more successful, becoming a minor Club hit. But the remixed version which was released as single in 1987 didn't chart.

In 1987-88, the song would receive a new boost in several countries after the huge success of Boys. Sexy girl was released in Australia (where it was a minor hit) and the Philippines. In Spain, it followed the releases of Hot girl and the Multimegamix. Chic in Germany and MegaRecords in Scandinavia also decided to capitalize on Sabrina's recent success. But as not enough material was available to release a new single and as Sabrina’s career was too short to produce a megamix (a style in vogue in 1988-89), those labels decided to release the Sexy girl mix for boys and hot girls which actually was a remix of Sexy girl featuring some samples of Sabrina's two recent hits: Boys and Hot girl. This single which wasn’t really a megamix, nor a “real” song, charted in Finland (#11).

In the 1990s, ZYX released Sexy girl on maxi cd in Germany for the collection "Golden-Dance-Classics". The song was also remixed for the compilation Remix 1996 which was released in Italy.

Contrary to Hot girl which was a hit in many countries, Sexy girl featured on many mid-price compilations released throughout the 1990s and the 2000s.

Of course, Sabrina re-recorded Sexy girl in 2008 for her comeback-album Erase Rewind / Official Remix.






(+number of weeks on chart)



Unknown (1986)

Sexy girl entered the Top 30 on September 13 : 28, 19, 20, 19 (4 weeks in the top 30)



Unknown (1988)





38, 40, 41, 36, 47, 49, 43
(7 weeks)


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