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Second Italian-only release taken from Sabrina's 3rd album.
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Shadows of the night

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As summer and the Festivalbar were coming soon, Sabrina and her team had to choose the successor to Siamo donne which had been a hit in the spring of 1991. But this choice wasn't easy. Indeed, the album Over the pop contained some very good songs but a few had the potential to become a single and many went away from the Italo-dance of her debuts: the right single was thus risky.
After hesitation, it was decided to release Shadows of the night, one of the two songs produced by Giorgio Moroder and which theme was close to I surrender, a song from Sabrina's "best friend", Samantha Fox. To make it sound more "en vogue", the track was remixed in the Italo House style. Besides, in order to capitalize on "her" hit Siamo donne, but without being burdened with Jo Squillo, Sabrina re-recorded this song which became the B-side of the record. Strangely, only a 12" and a (very beautiful) picture-disc were published. As no 7" was released, the song couldn't enter the Italian charts. This release thus didn't support the album sales which were decreasing.
As for Sabrina, she didn't promote Shadows of the night. During the Festivalbar, Sabrina only sang Promises in the dark and her solo version of Siamo donne.

Outside Italy, after the flop of Yeah Yeah, the promotion of Over the pop stopped very quickly as Casablanca even didn't release a second single to re-launch the album sales.

Strangely, the remix version is now available for download, like the solo version of Siamo donne. Moreover, Shadows of the night Remix is also available on CD, on several mid-price compilations released in the late 2000s.

Only 2 official versions of Shadows of the night are known (1991):

Album Version (4:25)

1991 - Produced by Giorgio Moroder

Back vocals by Giorgio Moroder.

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Remix (4:50, actually 4:34)
1991 - Produced by Giorgio Moroder

Italo house version which omits Moroder's backing vocals and the last verse.

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