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(I like to)


SHOPPING (I like to) with NEON NEON
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No one is a prophet in his own country… Sabrina could experience this again at the end of 2012. Indeed, she didn't really have the opportunity to work in Italy. Fortunately, she had more luck abroad. In France, she had come back in the spotlight thanks to the tour and the movie Star 80. In Scandinavia, some artists wanted to work with her, like the Jam Band (Denmark), a group she was about to record This Christmas night with, or the young and talented Sansa (Finland) who had made a beautiful folksy version of Boys. And now, Gruff Rhys, the leader of the Welsh rock group Super Furry Animals, wanted to record a song with her. This track was planned to feature on Neon Neon's second album. Neon Neon was Rhys' other group, a duo with the producer Boom Pip. This album, Praxis Makes Perfect was intended as a concept-album around the life of Giangiacomo Feltrinelli (1926-1972), publisher and prominent figure of communism in Italy. A rather interesting collaboration for Sabrina! On November 2nd, 2013, she posted a message on her Facebook page, indicating that she was in studio with Gruff Rhys. She also posted some lyrics of the song they were recording. The news was relayed by several websites like NME. Sabrina also gave a short interview to which was published on-line on November 6th. On this occasion, she specified that the song would feature on Neon Neon's new release which was planned for 2013. A few days later, the song, Shopping (I like to), was on YouTube before being quickly removed. The album was finally released on April 29, 2013 by the English label LEX. Boasted by some rather good reviews, the album reached #43 in the UK charts (during one single week...). Information on the release was scarce in Italy, but an article in Vanity Fair was published.

Shopping (I like to)
is an electro-pop song with a decided retro 80 sound to it, which uses the image of Sabrina as a key figure in this decade. Though it may seem a little too minimalist at first listen, it quickly turns into a quite interesting track.
If the song is quite different from Sabrina´s usual output (lyrics, production ...), it allowed her to make something different as her last recordings lacked of inspiration (In the morning on the single Call me or the cover of Stephanie's Ouragan for the tour Stars 80 ...). As already in the past (several songs on Over the pop in 1991, the album Maschio dove sei in 1995, I feel love in 2005/2006…), Sabrina showed that she could be convincing when going where we did not expect her...



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