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With the exception of In the morning recorded in 2010 for the release of Call me, Sabrina had not recorded an original song since 2005/2006 (I feel love and Yo Yo boy). Indeed, since her comeback in 2008 with her Best-of album Erase rewind, Sabrina came back to the 80s. She re-recorded her old hits and made several cover versions on record (Erase rewind, Call me) or for the French tour Stars 80 (Ouragan, Medley Farmer). But Sabrina had no nostalgia for those years and, little by little, she began to feel trapped by this image used by the Media: "icon of the 80s "in the best case, or "star of the 80s" with all the negative allusions that it contained. In 2010, Sabrina thus got back to writing new songs with her friend Mauro Lovisetto, director of the 2 videos Erase rewind and Call me. Shortly after, In the morning was written and included in the single Call me, recorded with Samantha Fox. The collaboration with Mauro Lovisetto didn't end there; several tracks were written and among them one particularly pleased Sabrina:  Colour me. She then came in contact with several producers but none of them could find the right sound before Sabrina got in touch with Rick Nowels who had worked with a lot of major artists like Madonna and whose name was then associated with that of Lana Del Rey. He quickly agreed to produce Colour me with Sabrina. The result finally matched Sabrina's expectations and, in April 2013, she announced that she was working on a new project with Rick Nowels, without specifying whether this meant a song or an album. She even posted a photo of herself in a recording studio on her Facebook page on April 11th. After a few weeks of silence, Sabrina spoke again about this project in August in an interview for the magazine Donna al top.

On this occasion, she revealed the title of her new single and, as usual, went a bit too far by announcing a release date for the autumn, specifying however that it wouldn't be a Dance-, but a Pop-record. She even admitted to work already on the video what turned out to be true as, a few weeks later, Sabrina posted the first photo shoot (on September 27th ). The shooting lasted several weeks (until November 11th) because Sabrina was still involved in the French tour Stars 80.

While the release of Colour me seemed imminent, it was necessary to wait till February 2014 so that Sabrina posted a new photo in studio and the message "Working in progress ". The release of the single was "just" postponed and not cancelled. In the hope of being remembered by the Italian audience before the release of her new song, Sabrina agreed to participate in the TV show La Pista from the end of March till the end of April, 2014. If this participation didn't get the success she had hoped for, it allowed her to be back in the Italian show business.

A few days later, on May 9th, the photo session for the single took place and, on June 11th, Sabrina posted the long-awaited message, "Save the dates: 24th of June "Color me" new single!!!" and the artwork of the single. Meanwhile, she had indeed signed with the label Do it yourself. On the 18th, she announced that the song would be available on I-tunes, Spotify and YouTube. A teaser of the single and its two remixes quickly followed on and Colour me was finally available for download as announced. Sabrina also launched her Vevo channel by posting the video realized by Mauro Lovisetto.

At first listen, the song confused the fans because it was very different from what Sabrina was used to release. Indeed, everybody expected an up-tempo dance track. Nevertheless, in spite of a rather repetitive chorus, the song quickly convinced the most skeptical fans who however noticed the reference to Call me:
Colour me your color baby,
Colour me your car
Colour me your color darling,
I know who you are

In Italy, Sabrina promoted the song on the radio (Radio Deejay) and in the press (Vanity Fair Italy). She even announced the upcoming release of a second single and an album. Abroad, Colour me was performed on stage, in Madrid on July 5th on the occasion of the Spanish Gay Pride the godmother of which was Sabrina, and in Poland, on August 16th, during another 80s concert. Unfortunately, the single did not benefit from a physical release as her fans had so much hoped for. But to have Sabrina back with a new good song, produced by Rick Nowels, was likely to please even the most demanding ones …

3 official versions of Colour me are known (2014):

Album Version (4:32)

1998 - Arranged by Michele Canova

Version used for the Official music video.

Official Music Video


Enfico Monti Remix (3:37)
2014 - Remixed by Enrico Monti

Berny Barbaro Remix (3:34)
2014 - Remixed by Berny Barbaro

These 2 remixes are nice but don't really differ from the original mix.