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A promo-only 12". Only a very small number of copies were published.


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After the flop of her '99 album A flower's broken released in Italy and Spain, Sabrina decided to have a break for the first time since her comeback with Rockawillie in 1994. In 2000 and 2001, she disappeared almost completely from media attention in Italy. Abroad, she only appeared twice on Dutch TV.
However, in 2001, rumors on a possible comeback began to spread. The release of a new single, You and me, was even announced for November but was finally postponed to the summer of 2002. Meanwhile, Sabrina joined the cast of the musical Emozioni that toured from January 2002 on. As this show was very successful, Sabrina told some fans who had met in April that she wouldn't release something new until 2003. But she mentioned that she then would work on her next single You and me. In June, the release was officially postponed to 2003. But, as she teamed up with famous composers (she never said who…) who wrote some great new tracks for her, she planned to record a new album at the end of the year. These new songs were supposed to replace some songs she had previously recorded and which didn't satisfy her, at least some of them. She also said that the album wouldn't be titled You and me anymore. And this was the last time that this song was mentioned by Sabrina. It was not until February 2011 that this track which remained mysterious for a long time, was posted on YouTube to the great pleasure of the most hardcore fans.

You and me (take the blame) turned out to be a mid-tempo track sung with a male artist, RMN. Rory Mhor Nicoll aka RMN or Revolutions Move Nervously, a DJ native of Ceuta, had already worked with Adeva or Edwin Starr (it seems that he gave up Dance music for Hip-hop since then). According to the NME website, the author of the song could be RMN himself.
More than a featuring, the song was actually a duet as each voice was as present as the other. You and me was very surprising at first listen as it was completely different from everything Sabrina had recorded till then. The atmosphere was quite special and gave a very experimental dimension to the song. If the track is quite interesting, it obviously lacked a real commercial potential to be released as a single. It's therefore not surprising that Sabrina did not find a label to publish it as it was therefore quite repetitive and a bit too long (5:16).

However, a promo 12" was released. Only a very small number of copies were probably published as the record is nowadays impossible to find. But its picture is available in the section "discography" on Sabrina's website.


You and me (audio)