featuring remixed versions of the singles:

Sexy girl
All of me
Doctor's orders
My chico
Like a yo-yo
Guys and dolls

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While Sabrina was promoting her new single, Yeah Yeah, her new label, Casablanca Records, decided to publish a remix album in the summer of 1990 to make the fans satisfied till the release of her real new album which was actually more than half-a-year away.
This Super Remix or Super Sabrina Remix (as mentioned on the label) was a collection of rare remixes of Sabrina's early hits from Sexy girl to Gringo, some of them being previously unreleased in Italy like The sexy girl mix for boys and hot girls or this unique great remix of Sex produced by Nico di Palo and Albert One.

If the LP is nowadays not so difficult to find, the CD remains the most sought-after album for Sabrina's fans.



  1. The Sexy Girl Mix for Boys and Hot Girls (6'39)
  2. Doctor's orders (5'02)
  3. My chico (6'10)
  4. Sex (3'58)
  5. Like a yo-yo (6'30)
  6. Guys & dolls (5'06)
  7. All of me (6'00)
  8. Gringo (5'00)