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All of me
Hot girl
Lady Marmalade
My chico
Like a yo-yo
Guys and dolls
Sexy girl
Funky girl

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Scandinavian-only release
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Within a few months, MegaRecords released 3 albums in Scandinavia: Something Special, Super Sabrina in late 1988 and this compilation, simply titled Single Hits. The album was released on LP and CD after the success of Like a yo-yo which topped the finnish charts and went to #3 in Denmark. As for many Scandinavian releases, the charts positions remain unknown.



  1. Boys (3'50)
  2. All of me (3'47)
  3. Hot girl (3'28)
  4. Sex (4'08)
  5. Lady Marmalade (4'07)
  6. My chico (3'30)
  7. Like a yo-yo (3'18)
  8. Guys & dolls (3'50)
  9. Sexy girl (3'20)
  10. Funky girl (5'53)