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On October 10, 1996, Sabrina was interviewed on the set of Italia Sera and announced her plans for the coming months: a new album and her participation in the San Remo Festival. But once again, nothing happened as planned. However, Massimo Riva suggested she could record a new track, Numeri, a typical Italian pop song he had written for her and which, while being rather different than the album Maschio dove sei, could fit Sabrina's new pop-rock style. One thing leading to another, the idea to re-release this album with a bonus track made its way. Indeed, Sabrina and her management wanted to give another chance to this album which had met distribution problems in 1995. The re-launched album was logically titled Numeri and was released in June of 1997 by the label Tring, accompanied by a promo CD single featuring the title song.
Sabrina, who wore short hair from now on, performed Numeri at least twice on TV:  on July 26th, 1997 during the broadcast of the Mediolanum Tour and later that year on the set of Il tappeto volante. Unfortunately, like the singles taken from the Maschio dove sei album, the song Numeri wasn't released as a commercial CD single.

Only 1 version of Numeri is known (1997):

Album Version (4:08)

1995 - Arranged by Enrico Monti and Massimo Riva

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Sabrina singing "Numeri" on the set of Il tappeto volante (TMC, 1997)