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Maschio dove sei

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In the spring of 95, even if the mixing of the songs recorded in Italian with Massimo Riva wasn't finalized yet, Sabrina decided to start the promotion of her forthcoming album Maschio dove sei planned for September. The year before, the release of her rock album in English which had been constantly postponed and then cancelled made her very impatient. From May on, she thus began to give interviews and, on May 16th, she performed the title song, Maschio dove sei, for the first time on the set of Seconda Serata. This song and its lyrics, which were more ironical than feminist, were widely commented by the press. But quickly the promotion of the album focused on Fatta e rifatta, a song that Sabrina sang repeatedly during the spring and the summer of that year.

In September, Sabrina's record company chose Maschio dove sei as the second single to accompany the release of the album which finally took place in early October. In this occasion, a very beautiful promo box-set was sent to a few record stores, featuring a promo CD single of the title song, an in-store advertising, a Rockawillie T-shirt and several postcards. The promo CD single, which had no picture on the cover (but on the disc itself), was also sent alone to the radio stations. Sabrina then sang Maschio dove sei several times during that autumn, even in a short version (on the set of Generazione X on October 26th...). Sabrina seemed to appreciate the song a lot as she also decided to use it to promote her album in Spain during the summer of 1997. Unfortunately, no CD single -promo or commercial release- was published in this country.

2 official versions of Maschio dove sei are known (1995):

Album Version (4:53)

1995 - Arranged by Massimo Riva & Giovani Boscariol

Available on:

Radio Edit (3:10)

1995 - Arranged by Massimo Riva & Giovani Boscariol - Unreleased

Sabrina performed this shorter version a few times on TV. Here, on Rai Uno (Italy, 1995) :