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After canceling the release of the single You and me and the recording of 2 more or less improbable duets with the (super) model (of the world) Ru Paul or Ambra Angiolini (for a cover of Siamo donne), Sabrina spent the year 2002 on stage with the musical Emozioni which was very successful. In autumn, she was also on Italian TV as "Sexy Bond" for the show Matricole & Meteore At that time, during an interview, Sabrina confided that she would release a new album only if she was certain to make a comeback as successful as Kylie Minogue. She thus had to be rather confident a few weeks later to declare that she thought to take part to a new musical AND go back to dance music. She even said that she was about to sign with an important label.
In early 2003, as she was disappointed not to join the cast of the musical Pinocchio, Sabrina decided to focus on her solo career. In the spring of that year, she worked on a new version of Boys and performed it live on French television (M6) on June 27th. Sabrina was also working with a lot of enthusiasm on an album in French which should also feature Boys 2003. In August, a new rumor spread on the Internet: Sabrina might have recorded a new song: Radio to radio. This rumor, like many others, wasn't confirmed.

While the fans were waiting for the upcoming release of a new album, Sabrina surprised her audience by announcing in December that she would give birth to a child in spring. If the fans were very happy for her, this news also frustrated them a lot as it was clear that Sabrina couldn't release something new in the forthcoming months. Indeed, it seemed that her family was her priority. According to another rumor, she even refused a duet with her friend (?) Brian Adams because of her pregnancy. Another rumor…

If Sabrina confirmed in January of 2004 that she would not release a new album before 2005, she didn't remain inactive in 2004. She actually took part to several concerts in Italy with other stars of the 80s and made several showcases in (gay) Discos. And she finished the year by receiving the award for the Best Actress at the Salerno International Film Festival for her role in the movie Colori.
Meanwhile, she went back in studio to record a cover version of Patrick Hernandez's disco hit Born to be alive, a song she had already sung in a medley for the TV show Cocco di mama (during the summer of 98). That year, she sang Born to be alive 2004 at least once, on November 20th at the Shed, a gay club in Parma.
On February 19th, 2005, she participated in an event gathering sexy singers (Samantha Fox etc.) and strangely titled "Ex porn star festival" which took place in Amsterdam in the Heineken Music hall.
On this occasion, she met some fans backstage and told them that she had recorded a new single and was about to shoot the video. In May, according to well informed fans, Sabrina was back in studio to re-record her older hits for an album planned to be released during that summer. According to the same sources, Sabrina also had the idea to release a maxi single of Born to be alive 2004.

But Sabrina reversed those expectations by publishing in early July a new song, I feel love which was not a cover of Donna Summer's hit contrary to what this title suggested. To write this song, Sabrina had teamed up with several persons involved on the A flower's broken album: Matteo Bonsanto and Glen White but also Dimitri Kusnitzof who had made a featuring on Russian lover and who recorded Sabrina's vocals for I feel love. But some newcomers joined Sabrina's team too: Andrea Bonsanto (Matteo's brother who had already worked on the '96 Remix album) and Simone Paleari.

I feel love (good sensation) quickly made it to the playlist of several Italian radio stations and was also posted on the Internet, from mid-July. The song was received very favorably by the fans: for many of them it was her best song since her golden years. It quickly reached  #2 in the Italian top dance radios, which was very promising even if the release of the album was now postponed to September.
The fans were looking forward to the release of the maxi single as some remixes had already leaked on the Internet. They were sure that Sabrina could finally make a successful comeback with this new song. Nevertheless, she remained totally silent and rumors announced in early autumn that the release was abandoned because Sabrina's label didn't believe in the potential of I feel love which was hard to understand as the song was very good. But some fans still kept hope … and the end of the year came without a new release.

In January of 2006, Sabrina was again on Spanish TV, on the set of Tan Agustito (TVE1 08/01). Because many fans misunderstood her during the interview, Sabrina decided to publish a message on her website in order to make things clear: no, she wouldn't stop her career and yes, I feel love would be edited as a CD single, a record that could be purchased directly on her website by the end of February, and which would also be available in stores. This message reassured the fans for a while and Sabrina announced a few weeks later that the record would be available on her website from March, 27th on.
Obviously, nothing happened as planned and the fans were informed in early April that the maxi CD would be only sold to Italian and Spanish buyers. The record company also expected to know how many people were interested in buying the record before editing the CDs which seemed very odd to the fans. Some maxi CDs were finally produced in a limited edition and the first copies were mailed to the fans in the second half of April, at a time when new rumors announced that Sabrina was working on an album in English. Finally, on June 13, 10 days after her wedding with Enrico Monti, Sabrina announced on the set of Con Arus ... Tag (TVE) that she would release a bossa nova influenced album in September, once again confusing her fans who were now certain of one thing: the promotion of I feel love was definitely abandoned.


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