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If the promotion of the Maschio dove sei-Numeri album was finally over in the fall of '97, Sabrina was nonetheless quite present in the media. Indeed, the premiere of the play Uomini sull'orlo di una crisi di nervi was approaching and Sabrina was heavily promoting it on Italian television. On November 4th, on the set of Il tappeto volante, she took the opportunity to talk about her solo projects. She then announced her upcoming comeback with a dance-pop album. But this project, like others in the past, would take longer than expected to become reality.
Early 1998, Sabrina toured with the cast of Uomini sull'orlo di una crisi di nervi but she suffered a broken knee and had to stop. Early that summer, she was back on a TV set as hostess–singer-dancer for the Carlo Conti's show Cocco di mama which was broadcast on Rai Uno every Thursday evening from July 9th till September 24th. Every week, Sabrina was accompanied with dancers and performed a medley of Italian or international (current or old) hits. These musical numbers were little interesting but allowed the fans to wait until the release of a new record. During the last show, Sabrina finally surprised her audience by performing a new song which was actually her (future) new single: I love you. The song which had been recorded in June marked a return to dance music, a style that Sabrina had completely abandoned since her Italian pop-rock attempt in 1995. She took the opportunity to announce the release of a new album in October. Of course, no record was finally released in the second half of 98, a period during which Sabrina was more an actress -in the TV series Tutti gli uomini sono uguali from October 14th on, and in the movie Jolly Blu which was out on November 6th- than a singer.

Once again, Sabrina was thus playing with the nerves of her fans … Finally, the promotion of her 5th album was launched at the end of December when Sabrina performed I love you on the set of Rafaella Carà's show (December, 26th) and then on Spanish TV (31rst). For her comeback as a singer, Sabrina decided to draw attention by wearing a very sexy armor which highlighted her femininity, an outfit that was reminiscent of the work of the fashion designer Paco Rabane in the 60s. Besides, and as in the days of Rockawillie or Yeah Yeah, Sabrina promoted her song with a choreography specially created for the occasion and which mixed, this time, the Indian, Egyptian… and Eurodance gestures! A music video -the first one for a single since Siamo donne- was also shot by Stefano Salvati who had already directed Jolly Blu, the movie in which Sabrina had played a few months before. This clip was quite commented on because of a lesbian kiss… Indeed, Sabrina played a kind of very sexy astronaut who landed on a planet and met an android which became a woman after being kissed.
Sabrina sang I love you several times on Italian and Spanish TV as the album A flower's broken was released in both countries almost simultaneously. Strangely, Sabrina's label didn't release a commercial CD single but only a promo CD single (but with a different picture sleeve in both countries). Only one remix was produced by Enrico Monti and Emiliano Pat Legato (who had worked with the group Simple Minds) but was only available on a promo CDR which was probably a bootleg as tended to prove the obvious Italian mistakes on the sticker. This remix was, however, offered as a free download on Sabrina's first website. It was not until the release of the compilation Erase / Rewind in 2008 that this version had an official release (this compilation omitted the original version of I love you).

After her difficult experiences with the labels Plastika and Nar, Sabrina had to face with the problem of independent distribution once again. Indeed, her new label (RTI) really didn't give every chance to the song which could have been a (minor) hit. It was a pity as the fans really liked I love you … and its choreography!

2 official versions of I love you are known (1999):

Album Version (4:32)

1998 - Arranged by Michele Canova

Version used for the Official music video.

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Rmx by E. Monti & E. Pat Legato aka Club Mix Edit (3:33)
1999 - Remixed by Enrico Monti and Emilano Pat Legato

Very good remix with a typical sound of the late 90s.

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