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In the spring of 1995, Fatta e rifatta was chosen by Sabrina and her team as the lead "single" of the album Maschio dove sei which was planned to be released in September. For the first time since Siamo donne, Sabrina sang in Italian, a choice that she would later regret.
This song with ironical lyrics was written by Sandro Zane and Moreno Barbazza, two Italian authors Sabrina had teamed up with when she was working on her rock-album project in English. It is however impossible to say if an English version of Fatta e rifatta had already been recorded (as certain songs of the album Maschio dove sei) or if it only existed in Italian.
A promo CD single was sent to radio stations to promote the song as well as two other tracks: Cuore and Non va. Apparently everything seemed unchanged as the sexy picture sleeve was typical for a Sabrina release, but actually the music change was obvious even if Fatta e rifatta was one of the less rocky songs on the album.
Sabrina sang Fatta e rifatta for the first time on June 11th on the set of Gelato al limone and then repeatedly in June and July. NAR, Sabrina's new label, decided to release early that summer a jukebox 7" and, a few weeks later, a 12" featuring the single version and 3 dance remixes produced by Elvio Moratto who had already worked with Sabrina in the past (My chico, Gringo…) and who'd later remix Boys 95 for the single release in France. If the dance remixes of Fatta e rifatta didn't really fit the song, Sabrina promoted the Moratto Remix twice on Italian TV on August 4th and 5th on the set of Bravissima. Then, it seems that she didn't sing this song anymore in 1995 as the promotion focused on the song Maschio dove sei. However, Sabrina would sing Fatta e rifatta again in 1997, on January 7th for the TV show Help.

In Spain where the album was released in 1997, Sabrina didn't promote Fatta e rifatta but Maschio dove sei.


"Fatta e rifatta" on Rai Uno (Italy, 1995)