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8 years had passed since the release of Boys and Sabrina probably realized that it was time to re-use her '87 smash hit, in particular to boost the promotion of her new songs on TV, especially abroad. But, since the break with her ex-manager, it seemed that Sabrina wasn't allowed to use the recordings of her "old" hits. That's why she probably decided to re-record Boys in 1995. This new version which would be titled "NYDP mix" was recorded by Lawyers and Jurga in Studio Track in Breschia and this time Sabrina performed the rap herself. Besides, she appealed again to Elvio Moratto, who had just remixed Fatta e rifatta, to produce a remix, a Chorus version and an instrumental.
Strangely, Boys 95 was only licensed to the French label Atoll Music which had already released Angel boy earlier that year. The song was released on CD single and 12" during the second half of 1995. But if Boys had been number 1 in France in early 1988, this new version received no attention at all maybe because Sabrina didn't promote it. In Spain, on the contrary, Sabrina performed Boys NYDP mix on several occasions on TV in particular during the promotion of the album Maschio dove sei in 97/98 but no CD was released in this country.
Sabrina also sang this new version for her performances in the Clubs as well as during the Friendly Versilia Gay Festival in 2002. She then abandoned this '95 version and, from 2003 on, re-recorded frequently Boys mostly for TV programs dedicated to the 80s. But most of those versions remain unreleased.

The French CD single is still one of the most sought-after items for Sabrina's fans even if opinions still differ on this '95 version.

Boys NYDP Mix (Audio)