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As her rock album project was abandoned, Sabrina had to resolve to go back to Dance Music. During the second half of 94, she thus decided to work again with Fulvio Zafret and his team who were responsible for Rockawillie, her comeback single, written earlier that year. This collaboration was successful as a great track came quite quickly: Angel boy, produced by Zafret, Enrico Monti and Sergio Portaluri. If Rockawillie was a rather funny song, the melody of Angel boy was much more catchy. Since the hits taken from her second album, Super Sabrina, none of her singles had such a strong commercial potential, likely to appeal to an international audience. Once again, the magic word "boy" appeared in the title, a recurring reference in Sabrina's discography to her '87 smash hit. Moreover, like Boys, the song contained a rap, here interpreted by Neal A.D. (aka Tony T or Neal Anthony Dyer), a rapper who made ​​many guest appearances for several Eurodance productions between 1994 and 1996.

Sabrina interpreted Angel boy, for the first time, on December 4th, 1994 on the set of Domenica in. On December 9th, she was invited to the show Il tappeto volante. On this occasion, after announcing that she was working on an album in Italian for 1995, she mentioned the release of her new single Angel boy, scheduled for December 15. Strangely, she did not sing this song but performed some tracks of an album which was already abandoned (Stay awhile, Maybe your love and Now it's the time). She compensated this mistake on January 1st on the set of Domenica In by performing a remix of Angel boy. It seems that the record was finally released on January 17th, 1995, on 12" and maxi CD (used as promo) but the promotion of Angel boy was quickly cancelled. As it seems, Sabrina decided to dedicate herself to the recording of her album with Massimo Riva. She abandoned her song as fast as the long ponytail that she raised the time of the promotion of the single.

Abroad, fortunately, the distribution of Angel boy was more important. Indeed, the single was exploited in several European countries in 1995. In Germany, ZYX who had distributed Rockawillie one year before, published a 12" and a maxi CD shortly after the release of the record in Italy. In Spain where Sabrina made again quite a lot of promotion on television, Max Music contented with publishing a 12", preventing Sabrina from charting again. 
In France, where the Italian 12" was imported, Atoll Music decided to distribute the song on CD single, a format which could have boosted the song if Sabrina had made a minimum of promotion which wasn't the case. In the Netherlands where no song of Sabrina had been distributed since Yeah Yeah, a maxi CD was published by the label Red Bullet. But the only country where Angel boy knew a small success was Finland where it peaked at #15. If the single was released nowhere else, it featured however on several dance compilations published in Canada, China, Poland, Russia and Singapore, mostly in remixed version (Extended or Control Mix).

So, without becoming an international hit, Angel boy, showed that some foreign record companies were again interested in Sabrina. Unfortunately, the Italo-rock orientation initiated by the Maschio dove sei album released later that year in Italy, put an end to this revival.






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